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Capital Power

Capital Power

Capital Power (K) limited (CPL) is a Kenyan registered company (CPR/2013/106365) formed in the year 2013 to undertake various renewable energy projects in Kenya. Our aim is to develop clean energy and sustainable harnessing of renewable energy to improve the overall livelihood of Kenyans.
Capital Power was licensed by the Ministry of energy under the Geothermal Resources act, License number 5/2007 as the developer for the Homa Hills geothermal prospect in Homa Bay county in the year 2017.
The Resource:
The Homa Hills geothermal prospect covers an estimated area of 154 km and is located on the Western Kenya Rift Valley, in Rachuonyo North District, Homa Bay County within the following coordinates – Longitudes 34°26’0’’ to 34° 34’0” E and Latitudes 0° 19’0” S to 0° 28’0” S. Physically, the area is in the slopes of Homa Hills, about 50km north of Kendu Bay, and spreads to the shores of Lake Victoria.
Preliminary studies undertaken in the area by the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) in 2010 as well as by CPL’s consultants in 2015 reveal the existence of a geothermal reservoir expected to be at temperatures of between 1600c - 2350c and covering an area 12 km2.. This reservoir can support an electric power plant of over 100MWe.
Capital Power was awarded a grant after a rigorous application process by the African Union Commission’s (AUC’s) Geothermal Risk Mitigation Fund (GRMF) of US$ 720,000.00 to go towards funding part of the detailed surface studies for the Homa Hills prospect. The data from these studies will allow for the siting of exploration drilling wells and unlock further grant funding for part of exploration drilling costs.
Capital Power has also engaged the community in the prospect area as valuable stakeholders for the project. There is a detailed stakeholder engagement plan (SEP) in place that brings together 32 community representatives to engage with Capital Power on key matters to ensure that the project is steered in the right direction. These engagements have resulted in successful endorsement and acceptance of the project by the local community providing the project with the social license to undertake the project.
The core team consists of Tony Wanyama the CEO and founder of Capital Power, Dr. Peter Omenda is a geologist who previously worked for Kengen and GDC is our full time project manager, while Joseph Kimanthi our general manager is a chemical engineer by profession with post graduate studies in Geothermal power plants from New Zealand.


Capital Power (K) Ltd obtained a geothermal exploration licence #5/2017 of 10/08/2017 covering 153 km2 for the Homa Hills area in Homabay county.
The resource area referred to as “The Homa Hills Geothermal Area” covers an estimated area of 153 km2. Homa Hills geothermal prospect is the only known geothermal system in western Kenya. It is associated with the Homa hills Tertiary volcanic centre within the floor of the Nyanza rift near Homa Bay Town.  
Geothermal manifestations in the area include hot springs, hot grounds and fumaroles.
Preliminary studies undertaken in the area reveal that the geothermal reservoir is at temperatures of over 1650c  and covers an area of over 12 kmwhich translates to electricity potential of over 160MWe. The resource therefore can be classified at medium temperature and can be used for electricity generation using binary or conventional cycles. In addition, the hot water from the system can be utilized for direct applications in agriculture, fish processing/drying, agriculture and tourism (health spa).
Development of the geothermal resource at Homa Hills therefore would offer major benefits to the country and local community in terms of stabilizing power supply in the lake region, opening up the area to industrial development, providing direct and indirect employment opportunities to the local community and most importantly direct utilization of the geothermal resource would spur the highly needed economic development in the region through small industries that use geothermal heat.
Capital Power is currently seeking for Wind concessions in different parts of Kenya where there is established and substantial wind regime. The company aims to build a portfolio of wind farms providing a blend of reliable and clean energy in their portfolio as it strives to be a leading renewable energy in the Sub Saharan Africa.
Advancement in technology has seen increased efficiency hence more appliances being powered and reduced capital expenditure for solar solutions. The battery is also getting revolutionized, and once commercialization is achieved a lot more industrial and home users alike are adopting Solar solutions. With blended finance options, there is a shift in the market with Solar being the primary and preferred power needs provider. 
Capital Power has embraced the current developments in the market and has invested heavily and partnered with Bloomberg indexed solar manufacturers. Capital Power is growing in leaps and bounds in the area of solar solutions and mini grids as they strive to be a leading solar solutions provider in the Market.


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Ibuka Platform

Capital Power Ltd was admitted into the Ibuka program – Accelerator Board on 9th  July 2019 as the  thirteenth (13th) company in the program. 
The platform has provided visibility and steered capitals to set up the requisite governance and compliance structure to enable it raise capital, attract investors and potential partners and take advantage of green bonds through the capital markets. 

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