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Metropolitan Health Services

Metropolitan Health Services

Metropolitan Health Services own the Metropolitan Hospital which is a community hospital that is situated in the eastern part of Nairobi, Rabai Road Buruburu phase III. It has been in existence for over 25 years. It has over a hundred medical consultants who provide the benefit of personal service within an enabling and supportive infrastructure.

Services Offered

Outpatient Services
Pharmacy, Diagnostic Imaging, Renal Unit (Dialysis), Dental, Accident and Emergency/Casualty, Laboratory and Ambulance.

Specialist Clinics
Gynaecology, Family Planning Services, Nutrition Services, Paediatric Surgical, Endoscopy, Cardiothoracic, Comprehensive Care Clinic, Dermatology, Ear, Nose and Throat, Oncology and many more.

Inpatient Services
Paediatric, Adult ward, Critical Care and Maternity.

Contact Details

Ibuka Platform

Metropolitan Health Services joined Ibuka program on 2nd December 2020.

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