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Naveah Capital Insurance Agency Ltd

Naveah Capital Insurance Agency Ltd

Founded in 2018, Insurance has been dedicated to protecting our customers from life's uncertainties and preparing them for the future. 
We are experts in Wealth Creation and Risk Management whose vision is empower Kenyans and Africa as a whole to create financial freedom from personal finances and preserve that freedom for future generations, one person at a time.
Our mandate is to bring a revolution on the perception of risk and the process of wealth creation in this nation. For a long time, insurance penetration in Kenya has remained at 3% or less and we believe this is due to misconception of risk and how insurance is sold to the populace. It is also an undisputed fact that Kenyans are some of most hard working people in the African continent, yet majority have nothing to show for their hard labor. 
We believe it is time for the African people to take charge of their well-being by assuming total responsibility for their growth and development, even as we depend on what the government will do for us or “serikali saidia.”

Naveah’s vision is to become the leading champion of wealth preservation in Africa through provision of Risk Management and Finance Planning services. We are passionate about Wealth Creation and we appreciate the hard work and dedication that Kenyans put into their occupations.
Since inception we boast of over 1000 fulfilled claims.


Auto Insurance
Naveah Capital Insurance Agency car insurance gives you quality protection at a great price. Every policy comes with the support of a knowledgeable and friendly Naveah Capital Insurance Agent. With personal attention and service, you'll have the information you need to choose the car insurance coverage that makes the most sense for you.

Pension Insurance
The Naveah Capital Personal Pension Plan is a savings plan tailor-made to allow individuals secure their retirement. By making regular contributions into an interest bearing fund, you build your retirement fund while taking advantage of the tax-deductible benefits on your contributions and your investment income.

Life Insurance
You may be an eternal optimist, but no matter your outlook, things will inevitably happen that take the wind out of your sails. Being prepared doesn't mean changing your optimistic nature.
It only means that you care for your future and for the future of your family. By taking out life cover with us you will take the lead when unexpected things happen to ensure you are provided a financial safety net that helps you and your family to get back up when life knocks you down.

Medical Insurance
The thing about medical emergencies is that they can hit anyone, anytime regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. Since it can't be predicted, one can always be prepared for it. Health Insurance protects everyone in your family against financial loss from the unexpected. It's an agreement between you and your insurance company, where
for an annual premium; the insurer pays for your hospitalization and other medical expenses as mentioned in your policy.

Business Insurance
It's essential to get adequate insurance cover for your business. Some insurances are compulsory, others are highly advisable so that your enterprise can recover if disaster strikes.
Here are the main types of business insurance to consider. Legally-required business insurances include employers' liability insurance and third party insurance for vehicles.

Professional indemnity insurance is also compulsory for some businesses in the legal, accountancy and financial service sectors.

Liability insurances can include public liability and product liability. These and other insurances can include cover for legal costs in case of a claim against you. Consider buildings and contents insurance to protect your business from losses caused by theft, fire or flood.

Business interruption insurance provides cover against the knock-on effects of incidents: for example, if you are unable to trade because of damage to your premises. You may want comprehensive insurance for vehicles. Bear in mind that if employees use their own cars for business, their normal private insurance cover is unlikely to apply.

Personal insurances include 'key man' insurance to protect the business against losing an essential employee, directors' liability insurance to protect directors against possible legal claims, and health insurance for employees. The most cost-effective way of protecting your business may be to arrange an insurance package. Check carefully that it fully covers your particular needs. An independent insurance broker can help you work out the types and level of cover you need. This service is often free, as the broker is paid a commission by the insurance company. Even the most comprehensive insurance rarely fully covers the costs and disruption your business can suffer. Effective policies and procedures to minimise risks are essential to protect your business.

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Ibuka Platform

Naveah Capital Insurance Agency Ltd was admitted into the Ibuka program – Incubator Board on 11th June 2019.
The platform has provided visibility and steered guidance to set up requisite governance and compliance structures to enable it raise capital, attract investors and potential partners and take advantage of capital markets products.

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