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Safaricom Investment Cooperative

Safaricom Investment Cooperative

Set up in 2009 under the Co-operatives Act Cap 490, Safaricom Investment Co-operative (S.I.C.) was set up to pursue joint investments for its members and has been in the real estate space since its inception. As an investment cooperative, SIC pursues various investment opportunities for the benefit of its members and draws its membership from the current and former staff of Safaricom Ltd and the public at large. 
Key focus areas for the Co-operative are real estate, private equity, agribusiness and quoted securities. 


Some of our prime products include; 

Terms and Conditions:
      • This is a product for Safaricom Investment Cooperative members only
      • Minimum amount is KES 50,000
      • Mode of payment is one-off lump sum payment.
      • If you withdraw before maturity, you will lose all interest accrued. No fee will be charged for withdrawing before maturity.
      • The principal is payable back together with Interest upon maturity
      • Forms to be submitted with a  copy of your Passport photo, PIN and ID
      • Upon Maturity, refund to be effected within 10 days of notice issue
      • Interest is payable subject to 15% withholding tax. 

Projects include Zaria village, Rongai Royal Villas, Blue Bells Gardens Apartments phase 2, Kanatafu Serene Homes and Ruaka Ridge apartments 
We have acquired land in various counties such as: such as Laikipia, Narok, Coast, Makueni,  UasinGshu, Nakuru, Kitui, Kajiado, Kiambu.


     • Enjoy dividends and share value appreciation. 
    • Buy projects at discounted rates. 
    • Always get first priority over non-members on projects. 
    • Get immediate projects notifications. 
    • Save through the process & reinvest your savings. 
    • Get an extra Fixed deposit plan for consideration.
Individual Membership
    • Purchase a minimum of 500 shares at 52.5ksh.
    • Pay a non-refundable admission fee of 10,000ksh
   • Total to pay is 36,500 ksh
   • Fill in a registration form and attach a passport photo, copy of ID, copy of KRA pin and proof of payment.
   • Minimum monthly contribution is 3000ksh
Group Membership
A Chama, a self-help group, an investment company and a Sacco.
     • Copy of registration certificate of the group
     • Copy of PIN of the group
     • 1 passport size photo of 3 directors
     • Copies of PIN and ID of the 3 directors
     • Minimum monthly contribution for a group is 15,000ksh.





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Ibuka Platform

Safaricom Investment Cooperative was admitted into the Ibuka program – Accelerator Board on 31st October 2019 as the eighteenth (18th) company in the program.
The platform has provided visibility and Ibuka service meetings are ongoing to steer the capacity to set up the requisite governance and compliance structure to enable it raise capital, attract investors and potential partners and take advantage of the capital markets products.  

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