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Prafulchandra & Brothers Ltd

Prafulchandra & Brothers Ltd

Prafulchandra& Brothers Ltd was established in Kenya in 1979. It’s a family owned business whose directors and shareholders are 100% Kenyans. The directors and the shareholders are involved in the day to day running of the company. Over the years, it has grown from a small electrical shop to a company that offers exceptional interior solutions. We are keen on choosing the right supplier and ensuring that the performance levels, customer care and product reliability continue to be regarded as the benchmark for the industry. Our projects are managed professionally from the beginning to the finishing with constant consultations with clients in order to meet individual needs. 

Prafulchandra has been listed in the Top 100 awards for the past seven years and in 2017 it was placed in the 39th overall position. 
Some of the brands the company distributes include:
EGLO - Decorative Lighting – Austria
MANTRA - Designers Lighting – Spain
BG - Electrical Accessories – UK
SCAVOLINI - Kitchen / Living & Bathroom Furniture – Italy
BOEN - Wooden Flooring – Norway
RAGNO – Ceramic tiles- Italy
VITAC - LED Lighting – UK
SMEG – Appliances -Italy
FUMAGALI - Outdoor Lights – Italy
CEVES – Glass Blocks - Italy
EUROGRID - Electrical Components - India 

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Ibuka Platform

Prafulchandra & Brothers Ltd was admitted into the Ibuka program – Incubator Board on 9th March 2020 as the twenty third (23rd) company in the program.
The platform has provided visibility and Ibuka service meetings are ongoing to steer the capacity to set up the requisite governance and compliance structure to enable it raise capital, attract investors and potential partners and take advantage of the capital markets products.  

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