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Ibuka Program

Ibuka Program

Ibuka is a Swahili word meaning ‘emerge’. The Ibuka Programme is designed to help small and medium sized companies to benefit from the services that come with being hosted. These benefits include enhanced visibility, exposure to local and international investors and accessing financial advisors and consultants to help them structure their businesses if there is a need to. Additionally, there are follow up meetings to monitor the progress of the firm and ensure that its financials are attractive to different investors. The meetings also ensure that all the documents are aligned to the companies act requirement.
There have been twenty four firms from different sectors of the economy who have joined the program and are enjoying the different services offered. The program is also helping these companies to be listed companies at the NSE Plc. The different firms are from the insurance sector, technology sector, the motor industry, media industry, manufacturing sector and we are open to all other sectors. 

The Hostees