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Investor Education

  • Dematerialized Securities : 

    These are securities that have been prescribed by the central depository and the physical certificate is no longer recognized as all its transactions are computerized and entered into a ledger.

  • Book Profit : 

    This is when the value of a stock appreciates in price but it is unrealized profit since the investor has not sold any.

  • Back Office : 

    Refers to that segment of a stockbroker’s office that has little or no direct relationship with the public but which is generally responsible for nearly all processes involved in effecting a transaction.

  • Historical Volatility (HV) : 

    This is the degree of price fluctuation of a stock over a given period of time e.g. a day. It is directly related to the level of risk associated with a stock; low HV means low risk while high HV means high risk.

  • Nervous Market : 

    This is a stock market that is reacting sharply to economic or political events e.g. change of government.