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Investor Education

  • Inactive Stock : 

    An inactive stock is one that is traded relatively infrequently, either at the stock exchange or over the counter.

  • Open Outcry : 

    This refers to a system of trading at the stock exchange floor where brokers shout their bids and offers of securities. A contract is made when one broker cries out that he wants to sell at a certain price and then another broker yells out that he will buy at that same price.

  • Bonds : 

    Bonds are also referred to as fixed income securities. They are promissory notes issued by government and corporations that entitle the investor to a specific interest at specific intervals over a specified length of time and to receive the principal upon maturity. Unlike shares, bonds do not carry with them any sense of ownership but guarantee interest even when the issuer does not register a profit.

  • Cum Rights : 

    The buyer of a cum-rights share is entitled to subscribe to the forthcoming rights issue announced by the company.

  • Issued Shares : 

    This is the total number of a company’s shares that have been sold and are held by shareholders regardless of whether they are individuals, institutions or insiders. It is not mandatory for a company to issue the total number of its authorized shares.