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Investor Education

  • Odd Lot : 

    This is an amount of shares traded that is less than the stipulated unit. At the Nairobi Securities Exchange, this comprises a trade of 200 shares, or a trade of KES 3,000 in value. When a transaction is less than this it is called an odd lot.

  • Lien : 

    This is when a creditor or bank has legal claim against assets e.g. shares, which have been used as collateral to secure a loan. The lien terminates as soon as the loan is paid off.

  • Guaranteed Bond : 

    This is a bond in which both the interest and the principal on the bond are guaranteed to be paid either by the parent company of the issuing company or by a better known and more creditworthy institution.

  • Sentiment : 

    This is the measurement of the mood of the investing public. It’s mostly described as bullish or bearish.

  • Share Repurchase Plan : 

    This is a program through which a company buys back its own shares from the open market. This is normally because the management believes that the shares are undervalued, or wants to reduce the shares outstanding (i.e. supply) so as to increase the earnings per share. A share repurchase plan tends to elevate the market value of the shares.