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Investor Education

  • Decline : 

    This is when the price of a share drops in value on a given trading day, closing at a lower price than that which it opened at.

  • Discretionary Account : 

    This is an account that an investor opens with a stockbroker that authorizes the stockbroker to buy or sell shares or any other securities he may select at his discretion on behalf of the investor.

  • Yield : 

    This is the measure of the return on the investment and is shown as a percentage. It is calculated by dividing the annual dividend by the stock’s current market price. Example; a share selling at KES 50 and with an annual dividend of KES 5 per share yields 10%

  • Narrow Market : 

    This is when the stock market has very few bid and ask offers resulting in low trading activity and low liquidity. It is also called a thin market.

  • Statutory Voting : 

    This is a system of voting for a company’s directors whereby each shareholder is entitled to one vote per share. Example: if you own 200 shares, you have 200 votes.