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Investor Education

  • Investment Bank : 

    An investment bank is an institution that deals with the creation of capital for other companies. They act as advisors and agents for a company on matters related to the issue and placement of a stock. Example; during an IPO, it is common to find the issuer engaging the services of an investment bank as the lead advisor on the entire transaction. They also provide stockbrokerage services and can trade in shares at the stock exchange in their own accounts.

  • Securities : 

    These are essentially shares, bonds, debentures, rights or any other such legal documents issued by a corporation or government.

  • Financial Institution : 

    A financial institution is a money management company e.g. a bank that collects cash deposits from the public and invests or lends to borrowers. Some of these institutions have very large funds and can influence the prices of securities in the stock market considerably.

  • Paper Loss : 

    This is when the market price of a share is less than its original purchase price giving rise to a loss in value which is not a realized loss until the shares are actually sold.

  • Unpaid Dividend : 

    This is a dividend that has been declared but not yet paid.