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Investor Education

  • Beneficial Owner : 

    A beneficial owner is the true owner of a security who enjoys the benefits of ownership even though the title could be in another name.

  • Record Date : 

    An issuer of shares establishes a record date by which the shareholders must officially own shares so as to qualify for dividend distribution or entitlements to bonus or rights issues.

  • Venture Capital : 

    This is money raised by companies to finance new ventures.

  • Unlisted Share : 

    These are shares of companies that are not listed at the Stock Exchange, usually because of their inability to meet listing requirements. They are traded in over-the-counter markets between brokers directly. 

  • Bell : 

    Refers to the bell which is sounded to open and close trading at the Nairobi Securities Exchange Trading Floor, thus the Opening Bell and Closing Bell respectively. Since the NSE went fully electronic by automating trading on September 22 2006, the Bell is rang on special occasions such as during the listing and commencement in the trading of a new security.