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Investor Education

  • Allotment Letter : 

    This is the document issued by a company to its investors showing the number and value of shares allotted to the applicant after successful subscription.

  • Joint Bond : 

    This is a bond guaranteed by two or more guarantors, one of them being the issuer. The assets of all the guarantors can be called upon to pay the bond holders in the event that a default occurs. This commonly happens when a parent company is required to guarantee the bonds of a subsidiary company.

  • Receivership : 

    This is a form of bankruptcy where an independent party, the receiver-manager is appointed to run the company to recoup as much of the unpaid loans as possible. A receiver must try to save the firm and if unable to do so it is sold or liquidated.

  • Majority Shareholder : 

    This is a shareholder or group of shareholders who control more than half of a company’s shares.

  • Naked Position : 

    This is holding securities that are not hedged against market risk. Both the potential risk and reward is high. It is rarely a concern for smaller investors but is usually a major concern for large investors.