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Investor Education

  • Joint Holders : 

    This is when two people or more come together to apply for shares in a new issue. They hold the shares jointly. While signing the deed of transfer after a sale of shares, all shareholders must sign. It is also referred to as joint ownership.

  • Redeemable Preference Shares : 

    These are preference shares that come with an agreement that the company can buy them back at a future fixed date and price, or on certain specific terms at the discretion of the board.

  • Guaranteed Stock (Shares) : 

    These are the shares in a listed company whose dividends are guaranteed by another company. Since the dividends are backed by a guarantee, investors are willing to pay more for the shares.

  • Turnover : 

    This is the total number of shares sold in the stock market during a given period of time, usually a day. It is also referred to as the market turnover.

  • Custodian : 

    This is a financial institution with the legal responsibilities and mandate to manage and safe-keep a customer’s securities.