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Investor Education

  • Cooking the Books : 

    This is falsifying the financial accounts of a company to give the impression of high profits to attract investors and to keep the shareholders happy.

  • Locked Market : 

    This is a highly competitive stock market situation where the bid and ask prices of a share are the same.

  • Renunciation : 

    This is the act of giving up the right to subscribe to allotted shares in a rights issue.

  • High Close : 

    This is a tactic used by stock manipulators. During the final minutes of trading, they execute several small orders of a given stock at high prices to give the impression that the stock is doing better than it actually is because the closing price is the most widely quoted and will attract potential investors to buy the stock.

  • Naked Position : 

    This is holding securities that are not hedged against market risk. Both the potential risk and reward is high. It is rarely a concern for smaller investors but is usually a major concern for large investors.