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Investor Education

  • Record Low : 

    This is the lowest historical price level reached by a security e.g. shares, or index during trading. The record low is recorded regardless of whether it is the closing price.

  • Ordinary Shares : 

    These are by far the most common types of share class. They are standard shares with no special rights or restrictions that give the shareholder part ownership of the company in proportion to the number of shares held. They also entitle him/her to dividends, the right to attend the company’s annual general meeting, the right to participate in the policy decisions of the company, the right to vote on issues affecting the company and the right to receive the annual report and audited accounts of the company.

  • Unlisted Share : 

    These are shares of companies that are not listed at the Stock Exchange, usually because of their inability to meet listing requirements. They are traded in over-the-counter markets between brokers directly. 

  • Overheated Market : 

    This is a situation in which too much money is chasing too few shares leading to sharp price rises. This is said to be the last phase of a bull cycle and it usually portends an imminent onset of a bear cycle.

  • Reinvestment : 

    This is when an investor uses the dividends, interest or profit from an investment to buy more of that investment, rather than receiving a cash pay-out.