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Investor Education

  • Value Investing : 

    This is a strategy of investing in companies whose shares are trading at less than their true worth.

  • Holding Company : 

    This is a company that holds enough voting shares (not necessarily 51%) in another company to control management and operations by influencing or electing its board of directors. It is also referred to as the parent company.

  • Imbalance of Orders : 

    This is when the buy orders for a particular stock greatly outnumber the sell orders or vice versa. This may result in a temporary trading halt for that stock if trading has already commenced for the day. If trading for the day has not commenced, it may be delayed. A surge in buy orders may result from unexpected good news and likewise, a surge in sell orders may result from unexpected bad news about the stock.

  • Going Private : 

    This is a change from public ownership of a company to private ownership either by a company repurchasing all its shares or by a private buyer doing so. This may happen when the value of the shares is drastically low making it possible to acquire them cheaply. Companies may go private to restructure their businesses or to fend off takeover threats.

  • Registration : 

    This is when a listed company draws a register of the names and addresses of all its shareholders and directors. It is a requirement, although it’s usually done for purposes of future correspondence with the shareholders.