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Investor Education

  • Manipulation (Price Manipulation) : 

    This is the act of artificially rising or lowering the price of shares by creating an appearance of acting buying and selling. It is illegal.


  • Convertible Security (Convertibles) : 

    This refers to a range of securities (usually bonds) that are convertible into other securities of the issuer (usually ordinary shares) in accordance to the specified terms of the conversion.

  • Sales per Share : 

    This is the total revenue earned by a company over a one year period divided by the number of shares. This ratio is used to evaluate a company’s business activities. It is also known as the revenue per share.

  • Capital Loss : 

    This is a loss incurred when there is a decrease in the capital asset value as compared to its purchase price.

  • Proxy : 

    A proxy is an agent legally authorized to act on behalf of a shareholder during meetings of the company and to vote on his behalf.