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Investor Education

  • Stop Order : 

    A stop order is one placed by an investor with a stockbroker to buy or sell shares at a particular price (stop price) or better.

  • Overheated Market : 

    This is a situation in which too much money is chasing too few shares leading to sharp price rises. This is said to be the last phase of a bull cycle and it usually portends an imminent onset of a bear cycle.

  • Bad Delivery : 

    This is when the delivery of a share certificate, together with the deed of transfer is considered defective or if it is not delivered within a stipulated period. Defects may arise from mutilation, correction, overwriting, erasure, alterations, illegibility, inconsistencies in names, missing details etc. In case your stockbroker gives you a bad delivery, he is obliged to get you a replacement of the certificate or the deed of transfer.

  • Earnings Yield : 

    This is the net profit after tax of a company divided by the total market price of its shares.

  • Registrar : 

    A registrar is responsible for share transfers and consolidation of shares on behalf of a company.