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Investor Education

  • Assets : 

    This is anything owned by a company that has a market value. This includes land, buildings, equipment, furniture, cash, bank deposits, manufactured goods ready to be sold, goodwill, trademarks etc.

  • Recapitalization : 

    This is a change in a company’s capital structure by bringing in fresh capital, either by creating new shares through issues or by long term borrowing, or by converting debentures into shares. Recapitalization is normally undertaken with the aim of making the company’s capital structure more stable, or when a company is in a state of bankruptcy. 

  • Block Order : 

    An order placed for the transaction (purchase or sale) of a very large quantity of securities.

  • Sentiment : 

    This is the measurement of the mood of the investing public. It’s mostly described as bullish or bearish.

  • Allotment Letter : 

    This is the document issued by a company to its investors showing the number and value of shares allotted to the applicant after successful subscription.