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  • Warehousing : 

    This is a process by which a company gradually builds up a holding of shares in another company it wishes to take over in the future, usually under the name of a nominee. 

  • Stock Symbol : 

    Also known as a ticker symbol, it is a unique series of letters assigned to a security for trading purposes. Example; while ARM represents Athi River Mining, STC represents Sasini Tea and Coffee.

  • Financial Instrument : 

    A financial instrument is a contract that represents a legal agreement involving monetary value. Financial instruments are either equity based; representing ownership of an asset, or debt based representing a loan made by the investor to the owner of the asset; or foreign exchange instruments.

  • Issue : 

    An issue is a stock or bond which has been offered for sale to the public by a corporation or government entity. This is done for purposes of raising funds.

  • Margin Account : 

    This is an account in which the stockbroker lends the client money with which to purchase shares. It allows the investor to buy shares with money that he/she does not have by borrowing money from the stockbroker.