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  • Float : 

    Also known as free float and is the total number of shares issued by a listed company that are publicly owned and available for trading. Floating stock is therefore the number of shares of a company that are traded at the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

  • Naked Position : 

    This is holding securities that are not hedged against market risk. Both the potential risk and reward is high. It is rarely a concern for smaller investors but is usually a major concern for large investors.

  • Member : 

    This is short for ‘member of the Nairobi Securities Exchange’ and refers to the stockbrokers holding membership at the exchange. Membership is mandatory in order to fill in trades for clients on the exchange. It is also referred to as owning a seat at the NSE.

  • Secondary Offering : 

    This is the issuance of new shares to the public by a company that has already made its initial public offering (IPO). Usually, such offerings are made by companies seeking to refinance or raise capital for growth.

  • Investment Bank : 

    An investment bank is an institution that deals with the creation of capital for other companies. They act as advisors and agents for a company on matters related to the issue and placement of a stock. Example; during an IPO, it is common to find the issuer engaging the services of an investment bank as the lead advisor on the entire transaction. They also provide stockbrokerage services and can trade in shares at the stock exchange in their own accounts.