KASIB's Role in CMA

KASIB plays its part towards facilitating development of Capital Markets within Kenya and East Africa through collective views, representation and backing of our members. We actively engage in promoting the implementation of the Capital Markets Master Plan 2014 - 2023 KASIB engages with domestic, regional and international exchanges, depositories, custodians, government, the public and other specific stakeholders from time to time in developing our Capital Market. We make policy recommendation and give input on draft. 




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Investor Education

  • Issuer : 

    This is the company or government that is offering (or has already offered) stocks or bonds for sale to investors for the purpose of financing its operations.

  • Investment Climate : 

    This generally refers to the prevailing outlook and mood of the investing public and institutions. It depends largely on the current and anticipated economic situation but is also influenced by political and social factors. Example; political instability creates a negative investment climate where investors shy away from investing in the capital market.

  • Registration : 

    This is when a listed company draws a register of the names and addresses of all its shareholders and directors. It is a requirement, although it’s usually done for purposes of future correspondence with the shareholders.

  • Scrip : 

    Scrip is a piece of paper acknowledging value, such as a receipt or certificate. The term scrip is sometimes used to refer to share certificates.

  • Overheated Market : 

    This is a situation in which too much money is chasing too few shares leading to sharp price rises. This is said to be the last phase of a bull cycle and it usually portends an imminent onset of a bear cycle.