KASIB's Role in CMA

KASIB plays its part towards facilitating development of Capital Markets within Kenya and East Africa through collective views, representation and backing of our members. We actively engage in promoting the implementation of the Capital Markets Master Plan 2014 - 2023 KASIB engages with domestic, regional and international exchanges, depositories, custodians, government, the public and other specific stakeholders from time to time in developing our Capital Market. We make policy recommendation and give input on draft. 




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Investor Education

  • All or None (AON) : 

    This is a restriction placed on a buy or sell order that instructs the broker to fill the order completely by the close of the market or the order should not take place.

  • Equity Financing : 

    This is when a company raises money from the capital markets by issuing securities such as shares. The investors purchasing these shares become shareholders and receive ownership interests in the company.

  • Subprime : 

    Subprime is a classification of borrowers with a tarnished or limited credit history. This is a terminology that gained popularity in the 2007/2008 credit crunch.

  • Earnings per Share : 

    This is the portion of a company’s profit after tax that is allocated to each ordinary share. It is calculated by dividing the net profit by the number of ordinary shares. It serves as an indicator of the company’s profitability and is considered the single most important variable in determining a share’s price.

  • Financial Institution : 

    A financial institution is a money management company e.g. a bank that collects cash deposits from the public and invests or lends to borrowers. Some of these institutions have very large funds and can influence the prices of securities in the stock market considerably.