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Our code of ethics

Risk Management

•  Segregation of clients assets

Every member shall segregate its assets and funds from those of the client, and in particular shall: -

•  maintain distinct and separate accounts for its assets and those of the client;
•  maintain an accurate register of securities in which it has interest, and any change therein shall be noted in the register as soon as practicable but not later than seven days from the date of the change;
•  ensure that clients' accounts and assets are not dealt with in any manner which violates the law and/or the rules of KASIB.

•  Good corporate management practices

Every member shall adopt good corporate management practices accepted and recommended by KASIB and the Regulator.

•  Internal compliance mechanisms

Every member shall establish legal, financial and other risks' compliance procedures recommended and accepted by KASIB and the Regulator.

•  Money laundering

Every member shall: -
•  make all reasonable inquiries to establish the client's source of funds;
•  make reasonable inquiries into the kind of business or profession the client is engaged in;
•  report any suspicious dealings or activities which the client engages in to the relevant authorities.