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Our code of ethics

Member obligation

•  Conduct as members of KASIB

No member shall: -

•  engage in any conduct that compromises or in any way violates the reputation or integrity of KASIB or the services offered by KASIB;

•  deal in securities which are not listed on the NSE;

•  deal with securities otherwise than as permitted by the law and the rules of the NSE.

•  Reference to KASIB

No member shall, when making reference to KASIB, misrepresent or exaggerate the meaning or implications of membership of KASIB.

•  Unauthorized arrangements

No member shall: -

•  enter into any agreement, whether formal or informal, with another member whether directly or through another person, whose terms relate to any capital markets' business which is likely to undermine competition and fairness in trade practices and services to investors;

•  hold beneficial interest in another member, except as may be allowed under the law.