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Our code of ethics

Integrity of the Capital Market

•  Material non-public information

Every member who possesses material information not available to the public and with the potential to affect the value of an investment shall: -

•  take all reasonable measures necessary in the circumstances to ensure that the information is kept confidential;
•  not act or cause others to act on the information;
•  immediately, if necessary, take the relevant steps necessary to publish the information in accordance with the law.

•  Market manipulation

No member shall: -

•  engage in practices that distort prices or artificially inflate trading volume with the intent to mislead market participants, investors and members of the public;
•  be a party to any trading and price manipulative practice which may directly or indirectly influence or interfere with the market price formation and fair trading process with respect to any listed security;

•  interfere with the Automated Trading System (ATS) so as to alter the prices of any securities;

•  introduce to the ATS any device which has the effect of distorting or electronically tampering with the price of a security.