The Committees

The Market Development Committee.

Chair: Mr. Amish Gupta

The Committee shall broadly address all matters trade and technical. These shall include legislative, regulatory, privatization, new listings, new products etc.

The Safaricom Refunds Committee.

Chair: Mr. Luke M Kinoti

The Committee shall address the numerous problems that were associated with the Safaricom IPO refunds and seek ways by which Members can be refunded the monies owed to them and held at Citi Bank.

The Financial Literacy Committee.

Chair: Ms Nancy Noreh

The Committee shall address Training and Certification of Members and agents, including resolving and seeking clarity on the current ICIFA / CISI certification. 

The Fund Raising Committee

Chair: Mr John E. Kirimi

The Committee shall explore ways by which KASIB shall raise funds both in the medium and long term.




Market Growth

Investor Education

Code of Ethics

Investor Protection

Investor Education

  • Rights Issue : 

    This is a privilege to existing shareholders to subscribe for a new issue, shortly before it’s offered to the public, at a specified and usually discounted price, in proportion to the number of shares owned. They are also known as subscription rights or share purchase rights.

  • Nominee Account : 

    This is a type of account in which a stockbroker holds shares belonging to clients, making the buying and selling of those shares easier.

  • Hedging Against Inflation : 

    This is protecting one’s savings from the loss of value that is brought about by inflation by investing in such items whose price will go up with the general rise of prices e.g. equity shares.

  • Merger : 

    This is when two or more companies mutually and amicably come together to form a new company for increased overall efficiency. The shareholders of the merged companies are offered equivalent holdings in the new company and retain their powers, rights and benefits in the new firm.

  • Scrip : 

    Scrip is a piece of paper acknowledging value, such as a receipt or certificate. The term scrip is sometimes used to refer to share certificates.