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Glossary to investment terminology : U

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This is when there are not enough applications for the purchase of a new issue of shares. There are various possible reasons for undersubscription including doubtful prospects of the company, wrong timing for the issue and wrong pricing of the issue.
It is also known as underbooking.

Undervalued Shares
These are shares that are trading below their true value. There are many reasons for this; the industry could be out of favour, or the company is not well known, or it has not yet caught the fancy of investors.

Underwriters are specialized companies that administer the public issuance and distribution of new shares of a company. They undertake the risk of failure or success of the issue.

Unit Trust
See Collective Investment Schemes.

Unlisted Share
These are shares of companies that are not listed at the Stock Exchange, usually because of their inability to meet listing requirements. They are traded in over-the-counter markets between brokers directly.

Unpaid Dividend
This is a dividend that has been declared but not yet paid.

Unrealized Loss See Paper Loss.

Unrealized Profit See Paper Profit.