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Glossary to investment terminology : G

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Going Private
This is a change from public ownership of a company to private ownership either by a company repurchasing all its shares or by a private buyer doing so. This may happen when the value of the shares is drastically low making it possible to acquire them cheaply. Companies may go private to restructure their businesses or to fend off takeover threats.

Going Public
A company is said to be going public when it offers to sell its shares to the public through an initial public offering (IPO). Companies mostly do this to expand their capital base and to finance their growth plans.

Going Short
See Short Selling

Good Delivery
A good delivery is when the delivery of a share certificate and the transfer form meet all the requirements of the transfer. They are delivered within the stipulated period and contain no defects like mutilation, erasure, correction, overwriting, alterations or inconsistencies and missing details.

Government Paper
This is debt security e.g. bonds that is issued by the government or guaranteed by it.

Growth Shares
These are the shares of a company which is registering higher than average earnings per share, faster than its industry or the overall market and is expected to continue with this climb. They are good for long term investment.

Guaranteed Bond
This is a bond in which both the interest and the principal on the bond are guaranteed to be paid either by the parent company of the issuing company or by a better known and more creditworthy institution.

Guaranteed Stock (Shares)
These are the shares in a listed company whose dividends are guaranteed by another company. Since the dividends are backed by a guarantee, investors are willing to pay more for the shares.

Gun Jumping
This is illegal. Gun jumping is trading in the shares of a company based on information before it is made public.