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Investing in the stock market

Reasons for investing at the NSE.

  • The Nairobi Stock Exchange is a fair market place.
  • Shares bought or sold at the stock exchange are liquid. This means that it is easy for an investor to quickly convert his investment into cash if the need arises.
  • The price of the shares is determined fairly through the forces of demand and supply.
  • Easy access and exit. There are minimal restrictions if any, to investing at the NSE. You can be a shareholder of a listed company in seconds and exit just as fast.
  • There is continuous reporting of their prices so an investor is always up to date with the status of his/her investment.
  • There is a variety of companies in which one can invest. This allows the investor to diversify his investment in industries that he is attracted to.
  • The shares of most companies at the stock exchange pay regular dividends. This way, you make your money work for you.
  • Full and accurate information is available on the listed companies that one is interested in investing in. This enables the investor to make informed decisions on where to invest.
  • The Nairobi Stock Exchange provides an avenue through which companies can access capital for growth and expansion.
  • There are strict regulations for the protection of those who buy and sell shares at the stock exchange.
  • A vibrant capital market is integral to the overall economic development of Kenya .