The Kenya Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Banks is an association that represents the interests of Kenyan stockbrokerage and investment banking companies. It was initially founded as the Association of Kenya Stockbrokers (AKS) but later changed its name to KASIB in order to accommodate the interests and aspirations of investment banks that also operate as stockbrokers.
The eighteen members all have seats at the NSE and are holders of their respective licenses as stockbrokers or investment banks.

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Investor Education

  • Share Certificate : 

    A share certificate is a document that shows proof of ownership of shares. It contains the face value of the share, the number of shares represented in the certificate, the certificate number and the holder’s name.

  • Extra Dividend : 

    An extra dividend is also referred to as a special dividend. It is a dividend paid out to shareholders in addition to the regularly established dividend they receive from the issuer.

  • Controlling Interest : 

    This is holding a sufficiently large number of shares in a company to enact changes (or control) in its policies. Ownership of 50% plus one of the equity shares in a company can give an individual or group the voting power to influence a company’s decision. If the shareholding is dispersed among people who do not bother to vote (usually small shareholders), controlling interest of the company can be achieved with shareholding of a lot less than 50%

  • New Issue : 

    This is a stock or bond issue being offered for sale to the public for the first time.

  • Liquidity : 

    This is the ability of an asset e.g. shares, to be bought or sold without affecting its price. Liquid assets are those that can be easily bought or sold without any significant change in price. Such assets are normally characterized by a high level of trading activity. A company which has issued a large number of shares is said to have liquid stock in the market. Investors find it safer to buy such stock because it is easier to get their money out of the investment if they need to do so.



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