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  • Face Value : 

    This is the cash denomination of a debt instrument e.g. a bond. It is the amount of money that the holder of the debt instrument receives from the issuer upon its maturity. It is also referred to as par value or principal.

  • Good Delivery : 

    A good delivery is when the delivery of a share certificate and the transfer form meet all the requirements of the transfer. They are delivered within the stipulated period and contain no defects like mutilation, erasure, correction, overwriting, alterations or inconsistencies and missing details.

  • Derivative : 

    A derivative is a financial instrument which derives its value from an underlying asset such as stocks, bonds, commodities or currencies.

  • Cooking the Books : 

    This is falsifying the financial accounts of a company to give the impression of high profits to attract investors and to keep the shareholders happy.

  • Holder of Record : 

    This is the name of an individual or entity who is the registered owner of a security. Dividends and other distributions are paid only to the holder of record.