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Investor Education

  • Sales per Share : 

    This is the total revenue earned by a company over a one year period divided by the number of shares. This ratio is used to evaluate a company’s business activities. It is also known as the revenue per share.

  • Strong Buy : 

    This is a strong recommendation by an analyst or stockbroker to an investor to buy shares in a particular company which he believes will soon be experiencing positive financial performance.

  • Credit Rating : 

    This is the process of ascertaining the creditworthiness of a company or financial institution. Credit rating is not a recommendation to buy or sell but is an objective and independent assessment of the company so as to create risk awareness among investors.

  • Material Information : 

    This is information about a company that has not yet been made public but which would have an impact on the company’s share price once released. Examples include expansion plans, financial results or takeover bids.

  • Mixed Market : 

    This is when the stock market does not have a clear trend, with about the same number of advancing and declining stocks.