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  • Guaranteed Bond : 

    This is a bond in which both the interest and the principal on the bond are guaranteed to be paid either by the parent company of the issuing company or by a better known and more creditworthy institution.

  • Sales per Share : 

    This is the total revenue earned by a company over a one year period divided by the number of shares. This ratio is used to evaluate a company’s business activities. It is also known as the revenue per share.

  • Odd Lot : 

    This is an amount of shares traded that is less than the stipulated unit. At the Nairobi Securities Exchange, this comprises a trade of 200 shares, or a trade of KES 3,000 in value. When a transaction is less than this it is called an odd lot.

  • Income Stock : 

    This is a stock with a solid record of paying consistently high dividends. The dividend yield is normally higher than the overall stock market.

  • Indexing : 

    Indexing is an investment strategy in which a portfolio is designed to mirror the performance of a stock index.