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  • Bear : 

    A stock market speculator who expects share prices to fall and therefore keeps selling in anticipation to buy the shares later at a lower price. All individuals can be bearish at times although some are perennially so. The term is derived from the attacking posture of the bear; pushing downwards.

  • Par Value : 

    This is the face value of a bond and is the amount repaid back to the investor upon its maturity. It is also known as the principal or maturity value.

  • Correction : 

    This is the term used to explain a decline in a market which is seen to be generally in an upward move. It is said that the market never goes straight up or straight down.

  • Allotment Letter : 

    This is the document issued by a company to its investors showing the number and value of shares allotted to the applicant after successful subscription.

  • Noise : 

    Also known as market noise and refers to price and volume fluctuations of trade at the stock exchange that can confuse one’s interpretation of market direction.