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  • Extraordinary General Meeting : 

    This is any general meeting other than the annual general meeting called to seek shareholders’ consent on urgent issues. These issues could be the removal of an executive, a takeover, amalgamation, induction of a new director into the board or even large scale borrowing.

  • Qualifying Shares : 

    These are the fully paid up shares that an individual must hold in order to qualify as a director in a company, usually according to the company’s articles of association.

  • Income Stock : 

    This is a stock with a solid record of paying consistently high dividends. The dividend yield is normally higher than the overall stock market.

  • Parking : 

    This is when an investor places his money in safe investments while alternative investment avenues are being considered or while the stock market is unfavourable for fresh investments.

  • Large Cap : 

    This is short for ‘Large Market Capitalization’ and is a term used to refer to companies with a very high market capitalization value.