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Investor Education

  • Secondary Market : 

    A secondary market is one where investors purchase securities e.g. shares from other investors rather than from the issuing company. The Nairobi Securities Exchange is the secondary market in Kenya for trading of such securities. Purchasing shares through an IPO is called the primary market, and any subsequent trading in those shares is called the secondary market. 

  • Corporate Governance : 

    Corporate Governance is the set of processes, laws, and institutions that guide the way by which businesses are regulated, operated and controlled. It also describes the ways by which rights and responsibilities are shared between the various participants, especially the management and the shareholders.

  • Noise : 

    Also known as market noise and refers to price and volume fluctuations of trade at the stock exchange that can confuse one’s interpretation of market direction.

  • Extraordinary General Meeting : 

    This is any general meeting other than the annual general meeting called to seek shareholders’ consent on urgent issues. These issues could be the removal of an executive, a takeover, amalgamation, induction of a new director into the board or even large scale borrowing.

  • Bonus Issue : 

    These are additional shares issued to existing shareholders in proportion to their holdings. They are issued free of cost.