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Investor Education

  • Public Offering : 

    This is offering shares to the investing public. This is done through an initial public offering and any other subsequent offerings. It is different from a rights offering to existing shareholders or a private placement.

  • Wide Area Network : 

    This is the trading system software through which stockbrokers are able to access the Nairobi Securities Exchange from their offices to effect trading transactions.

  • Financial Pyramid : 

    This is a risk structure model used by investors who wish to spread their investments for safety and profits. At the base of the pyramid, its broadest span will be safe and liquid investments which will yield a decent return e.g. treasury bonds. The next segment will be debentures and shares which will yield a good return and at the top and narrowest segment with the least part of an investor’s funds will be the high risk investments which if successful yield extraordinary returns.

  • Qualifying Shares : 

    These are the fully paid up shares that an individual must hold in order to qualify as a director in a company, usually according to the company’s articles of association.

  • Screening Shares : 

    This is the process of looking for shares which meet a certain predetermined financial and investment criteria, such as P/E ratio, yield etc.