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  • Offer : 

    This is the lowest price that an investor is willing to sell their shares for. 

  • Inactive Stock : 

    An inactive stock is one that is traded relatively infrequently, either at the stock exchange or over the counter.

  • Record High : 

    This is the highest historical price level reached by a security e.g. shares, or index during trading. The record high is measured from when the share started trading and is updated whenever the last record high is exceeded.

  • Seat : 

    This is the traditional term for membership at the Nairobi Securities Exchange and is a requirement for one to transact business at the exchange.

  • Rally : 

    A rally is a period of sustained increase in the price of stocks, bonds or indexes. It can happen during a bull or a bear market, called a bull market rally, or a bear market rally respectively.