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  • Paper Loss : 

    This is when the market price of a share is less than its original purchase price giving rise to a loss in value which is not a realized loss until the shares are actually sold.

  • Indicated Dividend : 

    The total amounts of dividends that would be paid on a share throughout the next year if each dividend is the same amount as the previous payment.

  • Statutory Voting : 

    This is a system of voting for a company’s directors whereby each shareholder is entitled to one vote per share. Example: if you own 200 shares, you have 200 votes.

  • Stop-Limit Order : 

    This is a combination of a Stop Order and a Limit Order.

  • Screening Shares : 

    This is the process of looking for shares which meet a certain predetermined financial and investment criteria, such as P/E ratio, yield etc.