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  • Convertible Preference Shares : 

    These are preference shares that give the holder the additional right to convert them into a specified number of ordinary shares under specified conditions.

  • Trading Floor : 

    This is the arena in a stock exchange where trading activities are conducted. It is also referred to as the pit of the exchange.

  • Acquisition : 

    An acquisition is when one company makes a bid to acquire control of another (called the target). It can either be hostile or friendly.

  • Corporation or Company : 

    A form of business organization created under the Companies Act of Kenya, which has a legal identity separate from its owners. The owners of the corporation are the shareholders and they are liable for the debts of the corporation only up to the amount of their investment. This is called limited liability.

  • Block Order : 

    An order placed for the transaction (purchase or sale) of a very large quantity of securities.