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  • Convertible Security (Convertibles) : 

    This refers to a range of securities (usually bonds) that are convertible into other securities of the issuer (usually ordinary shares) in accordance to the specified terms of the conversion.

  • Preference Shares : 

    These are shares that bear a fixed annual dividend and bear a right that any annual dividends available for distribution will be paid preferentially on these shares before ordinary shares. If the company is wound up, they are the first to be paid the par value of their shares ahead of ordinary shareholders.

  • Rights Issue : 

    This is a privilege to existing shareholders to subscribe for a new issue, shortly before it’s offered to the public, at a specified and usually discounted price, in proportion to the number of shares owned. They are also known as subscription rights or share purchase rights.

  • Capital Reserves : 

    Capital Reserves comprise of a company’s profits that are not normally distributed as cash dividends to shareholders. They can however be distributed as permanent share capital by way of bonus issues.

  • Contrarian Shares : 

    These are shares that perform in a fashion contrary to the general stock market trend. They fall when the market is rising, and rise when the market is falling.