The Kenya Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Banks is an association that represents the interests of Kenyan stockbrokerage and investment banking companies. It was initially founded as the Association of Kenya Stockbrokers (AKS) but later changed its name to KASIB in order to accommodate the interests and aspirations of investment banks that also operate as stockbrokers.
The eighteen members all have seats at the NSE and are holders of their respective licenses as stockbrokers or investment banks.

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  • Insider Trading : 

    There are two types of insider trading. The first type occurs when someone trades shares at the stock exchange based on crucial information about the company which the public do not yet know. This is illegal regardless of whether you are a director, broker, friend or family member of an insider. The second is legal and occurs when an insider buys such shares but after the crucial information has been made public at which time there is no direct advantage over other investors.

  • Shares : 

    A share is one unit of ownership of a company. If you own a share of a company, you are a part owner of the company and are entitled to an equal distribution of all profits. 

  • Issued Shares : 

    This is the total number of a company’s shares that have been sold and are held by shareholders regardless of whether they are individuals, institutions or insiders. It is not mandatory for a company to issue the total number of its authorized shares.

  • Manipulation (Price Manipulation) : 

    This is the act of artificially rising or lowering the price of shares by creating an appearance of acting buying and selling. It is illegal.


  • Portfolio : 

    This is the diverse collection of investments owned by the same individual or organization. This collection may include shares (which is investing in companies) or bonds (which is investing in debt) or mutual funds (which is pooling your money together with others to make investments). One creates a portfolio by deciding which avenues to invest in depending on his/her investment objectives and risk tolerance.



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