The Kenya Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Banks is an association that represents the interests of Kenyan stockbrokerage and investment banking companies. It was initially founded as the Association of Kenya Stockbrokers (AKS) but later changed its name to KASIB in order to accommodate the interests and aspirations of investment banks that also operate as stockbrokers.
The eighteen members all have seats at the NSE and are holders of their respective licenses as stockbrokers or investment banks.

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Investor Education

  • Hot Issue : 

    A hot issue is an initial public offering (IPO) that is in great demand. Hot issues are normally oversubscribed. An example is the Safaricom IPO in 2008.

  • Decline : 

    This is when the price of a share drops in value on a given trading day, closing at a lower price than that which it opened at.

  • Amalgamation : 

    This is when two companies, previously independent of one another, combine to form a new company.

  • Mixed Market : 

    This is when the stock market does not have a clear trend, with about the same number of advancing and declining stocks.

  • Government Paper : 

    This is debt security e.g. bonds that is issued by the government or guaranteed by it.



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